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September 21st, 2009

10:48 am - Random Tidbits
I have found myself with a little extra time in my day as I am off of work for the next two weeks. Work is a bit slow, so I get a vacation - likely much-needed by all. I keep having a to-do list that grows daily and I can't seem to get the stuff done quickly enough, especially since I found myself ill in the last two weeks - exhaustion taking it's toll? It's a list of simple items, but too many to complete in my small amount of free time. Now, it's time to accomplish them.

Life's been busy, and most know the details - Birthday parties, barbeques, weddings, etc. I'm sad to see summer coming to an end. With that, I have a few random updates because I feel like rambling. :) 

Random update #1: Part of me being sick included my introduction to muscle relaxers due to the most painful cramps I have ever felt. It also included some serious bouts of dizziness and exhaustion (I slept for 15 hours). Symptoms seemed to match.... Anemia. So, iron supplements are a new addition to my diet, and boy have I felt a drastic change in myself. I've been much less tired in my days and have had a huge change in moods (who knew?!).  

Random update #2: Trestin and I finally have reached the point in our year where our weekends are settling down a little. So, we made our way down to Danika's new house in Lacey on Saturday for a birthday BBQ. We had a lot of fun and were able to enjoy good food and board games with good friends, whom I missed hanging out with. Then Sunday, we found ourselves at Northwest Trek. It was Trestin's first time and I haven't been there since Elementary School. We had a blast and can't wait to go back. I think the two of us were more excited than some of the kids, there.  Also, Saturday, me, Trestin and Jayson finally got around to eating at Sonic. We had fun and enjoyed the yummy drinks. With all my newfound energy, I did a lot over the weekend and still found myself waking up with Trestin at 6:15 this morning after about 7 hours of sleep and not going back to bed (pretty unusual for myself). We'll see how long it lasts, but for now, I'm enjoying myself. :)

Current Mood: ditzyrandom

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June 26th, 2009

08:28 am - *sigh*
I don't care if he was odd and I didn't know him personally, I'm sad that Michael Jackson died. :( 

On another note, I have a new little buddy (temporarily). Louie the cat has been staying with me and I've been nursing him back to health. He's been to the vet three times now for a check up and because he poor thing had worms. But, he's been putting on weight and has been having growling competitions with Aurora, Princess Poo-Poo. ;) I'm having fun.

Current Mood: crazyrandom

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June 25th, 2009

01:09 pm - Mmm Mini Donuts...

Met up with Sara, Kim and Krys at the Tacoma Farmer's Market for lunch and was pleasantly surprised by Trestin showing up, too. That was a nice break to what seems like a somewhat slow day. *yawn*

I'm not used to having to work Fridays, so starting back up 5-day work weeks is a rude awakening.

Current Mood: happyhappy

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May 16th, 2009

09:00 pm - Girls' Day
Trestin joined his nephew's boyscout troop on a hike in the Olympic mountains today.

Becca, Kim, Sara and I decided to have a girls' day and go out to lunch at BJ's at the mall and then go shopping for a while.  Lots of fun was had and it was SUNNY!!!!!

Now Trestin just needs to come home so I can see him a little before he crashes. He and I both have been averaging about 5 hours of sleep per night (with my exception of a 11+ hour night's sleep on Thursday night).

I think this means tomorrow will be a very low-key day in the sun.

Current Mood: chipperchipper

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April 15th, 2009

08:16 am - Mrow?
Happy 3rd Birthday Aurora Sunny Borealis Big Bootylicious Lauricella Best! Bwahahaha.

Current Mood: tiredtired

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April 5th, 2009

03:45 pm - Rudeness Strikes
So... In the process of getting ready to go do something on this nice sunny afternoon, Trestin realizes that his wallet is missing so it must be in the car... He goes out to check and the stuff from the jeep is on the ground and spread out throughout the vehicle.

All our CDs are gone, his wallet, money, tools, etc. are all gone. Oh, and our garage door opener. Yippee.

So, instead of a nice afternoon out in the sun, we have been dealing with Lakewood Police and insurance companies. Oy. Unfortunately, several charges have been made on his cards as well, but he's lucky to have a great bank and insurance company. Instead of work in the AM, we'll be hanging out at the DOL and probably the banks.

Trestin always locks his car at night. Unfortunately, this was the one night he forgot. And the one night where the jerks decided to break in and hit a jackpot when they found his wallet in between the seats.

Life never fails to be dull. ;) 

Current Mood: busybusy

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March 24th, 2009

12:08 pm - Ooooh Sparkles!
So Trestin surprised me yesterday with pretty jewelry. NO it's nothing more than a "just because" ring. :)  A few weeks back, he and I were at the Pacific Northwest Shop in Tacoma and I was eyeballing the jewelry while paying. There was several different items made from "Mount Saint Helen's Emerald" including my new sparkly ring.  It's essentially a gemstone made from fused Mount Saint Helen's rock dust, which I think is quite fitting coming from him. :) He ended up picking it up on a different day and giving it to me yesterday.

I like showing it off.  And I guess he must like me since he "put a ring on me."  I'll try to post a photo later.


Current Mood: lovedloved

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March 20th, 2009

01:34 pm - A *Long Overdue* Update...

People have asked me to update several times and I always think about it, but obviously never did it...

So, we will focus on some key things until now...

* Trestin and I celebrated our 4 year anniversaryCollapse ) 
back in October by going to Seaside.  We're now approaching 4.5 years now, so it's been a while since that occurred. Things are still as great as ever and we learn new things about each other constantly. I wouldn't trade my life with him for anything <3

* Trestin had a birthday and is old now. :) Kidding! We had a family birthday and a birthday party with friends/family for him.  

* We also made a trip down to Hilsboro, Oregon to visit Roloff Farms (we = Me, Tres, Sara and Krys). It was awesome and the sun was out. Plus, we got pumpkins for Halloween. Woo Hoo! Collapse )!

* Trestin went to Space Camp in Alabama.  I was not a fan of him being gone for a week, but absense makes the heart goes fonder, right? I also made a trip up to surprise him at the airport when he arrived back home. I liked being the surpriser since he often surprises me, so it was fun to do the same for him.

* Trestin and I spent Thanksgiving out at Fox Island with my family and his combined. It was a fun change in tradition and we both really enjoyed having both of our families together for the holidays. :) 

* We hosted a "holiday party" at our house with a bunch of friends and family in December and a lot of fun was had.  We always enjoy hosting events like that and sharing our house with others.

* The holiday season was hectic but a lot of fun.  Tracy and Pony were nice enough to host Christmas Eve at their new home and it was a lot of fun. We then spent Christmas day at my Nana's house with all the family and then we hosted another Christmas party with my Dad's side of the family after ChristmasCollapse ) 

* For Christmas, Trestin and I decided to do less gifts and go on a trip together so we picked La Conner, Washington. It was absolutely beautifulCollapse )
and we stayed at the most awesome Bed & Breakfast - The Wild Iris Inn.  We also went up to the Anacortes area and watched the sunset over the San Juans. It was amazing and my new favorite vacation destination.

* SUPER BOWL PARTY AT OUR HOUSE! My favorite part was the food, commercials and the awesome 3D glassesCollapse ).  :D

* Valentine's Day was spent at Hood Canal and it was wonderful. We made a point to do just about nothing. We played a ton of Mario Kart on the Wii and watched movies and just enjoyed some relaxation time. We don't do that enough, that's for sure.

* Trestin and I  met Les StroudCollapse ) (Survivorman) at the REI in Seattle. We waited in line forever after his talk and were towards the back of the line. He was very friendly with everyone and was willing to answer questions so it was a slow process but it was also nice compared to the "hi, picture, bye" meeting with Boyz II Men (although meeting them was a billion times more awesome still ;) ...) Trestin decided to bring a harmonica for him to sign (he plays a lot during his show) and he played it for us and signed it.  Everyone who was left in the room thought it was really fun.  He's a very nice guy. Afterwards, we met up with Melissa and Danika in Seattle for some hang out time and it was nice.

* Hang out night with two of my best buds - Danika and Tyler! I had a little too much fun that evening.

* We did the Engineering Banquet this year and got to see old professors and friends and it was pretty fun. We also went out on the town with Danika afterward! <3

* Sara's birthdayCollapse ) 
She turned 22 so we had a birthday party for her at our place which involved dinner, going go-playing with the new breathalizer and playing Qwelf. It was an adventure! Aries got a party dressCollapse ) 
and Rion got a hatCollapse ) 
for the event. lol. 

* Hang out with Bill & Becca!! Becca and I needed to destress after rough times at work so wepartiedCollapse )

 it up at their place in Kirkland and it was a lot of fun.

* Trestin and I celebrated Pi Day on March 14th by making twopiesCollapse )and delivering them to family. It was awesome.

Other than that, there have been random hang outs, house working, work, family dinners, etc. Life has been stressful, but we're hanging in there. My work laid off several people so it's essentially me and my two bosses plus a part time administrative assistant and manager.  We're  hanging on for dear life, but all keeping our fingers crossed that things will pick up and so far we're doing okay. It's been rough watching co-workers go though...Family is doing well and my cousin is in remission.  The doctors are so impressed with her recovery and all her check-ups are crystal clear! We're so proud of her. And in other awesome news - my cousins are adopting another baby. She's 18 months and super cute and we can't wait to meet her at Easter. :D

I'll try to update a little more often now since me and Twitter are not friends (and no I will not be getting it - sorry! lol)


Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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January 12th, 2009

08:21 am - Too bad you can't start a night's sleep over again...
Went to bed at 12 - way too late for a work night. Wake up in a panic at 3:45 from a bad nightmare. Trestin sits up and holds me until I am calmed a bit to go to sleep again. Find out that he's been up letting the dogs in and out and cleaning up after them since one of them got sick.  Start drifting off and then cat wants out.  Start drifting off and then other cat causes ruckus out in dining room. Sleep, at last. Wake up to alarm clock in a sweat from another nightmare. Oy.

We're both tired, but thankful that night is over at this point. And boy am I lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend.

Current Mood: crazycrazy

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January 8th, 2009

02:44 pm - Yippee!
I may be the only one, but this sunshine is making my day a million times better. As much as I love Washington (and will never move away), some days I think I am meant to be in the tropics during the fall and winter. 

Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted

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